MED_6 de las mejores aplicaciones de viajes

Those of us who love to travel are extremely lucky to live in this century. The technology pervading our everyday life makes things so much easier when it comes to travelling. Our cell phones are like miniature computers that can do almost anything, but they are especially loaded with apps that can make preparing and going on a trip much easier than a few years back.

In any case it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are so many travel applications available on the market that you can end up feeling saturated, aside from the fact that some of them are outright lousy. Distinguishing the useful ones from the trashy bunch is a toilsome, boring task, that’s why we bring you this list of 6 applications that we find essential for travel.

This is the foremost application with traveler opinions. It has pictures, maps, places to visit… When planning your itinerary or if you don’t know what you should see, where you should stay or if you’re just  for a good restaurant, this application will dispel your doubts.

This is ideal for communication when you don’t speak the local language. It includes the customary sentences, classified according to possible situations.

The most complete hotel finder to date. No matter where you are, you can look for a hotel to fit your needs at the guaranteed minimum price.

This is the best app for comparing flight prices. You can find virtually every flight to your destination of choice, indicating the dates for flying there and back.

With this we can go anywhere or help a cab driver in Budapest to find our destination. It is essential and replaces the classic, foldable paper map that we used to lug around in typical tourist fashion.

This shows the exchange rate at any given time of any currency in the world, that way you’ll know whether you’re being offered a fair exchange or a rip-off!



“With these essential applications it will be so easy to prepare your trip and enjoy the over 100 IBEROSTAR hotels in 16 countries all over the world.”