It doesn’t surprise us in the least. Mexico is the birthplace of sophisticated civilizations that developed calendars, agricultural systems, pyramids, codices and many other developments, so it is natural that it should be top of the list. Cultural heritage is understood as a peculiar form of life, aspects brought down from our ancestors such as knowledge, activities, languages, traditions, legends, art, games, material developments, etc. that survive over the generations and possess aesthetic, emotional, identifying and symbolic value, they are meaningful for the community and become a point of reference—all this is cultural heritage and it may be tangible or intangible.

Mexico possesses many registered archaeological cities: Palenque, Chiapas; Teotihuacán; Monte Albán, Oaxaca; Chichen Itzá, Yucatán; Tajín, Veracruz; Uxmal, Yucatán… It also has registered colonial cities: Historic Center of Mexico City and Xochimilco; Historic Center of Oaxaca; Historic Center of Puebla; the City of Guanajuato and adjacent mines …

Natural assets: Sian Ka’an, Quintana Roo; Vizcaíno Sanctuary, in Baja California; Rock Paintings of Sierra de San Francisco, in southern Baja California; Islands and protected areas of the Gulf of California…

Landscapes: The agaves and ancient tequila distilleries.

Routes: the 16th century convents near volcanoes; the Franciscan missions of Sierra Gorda, Querétaro and the Silver Route or Camino de Tierra Adentro.

Intangible cultural heritage: the indigenous feasts of the day of the dead (Added in 2003); the dance of the Voladores (2009); chichimeca and otomí traditions in Toliman and Peña de Bernal (2009); the Parachicos Feast in Chiapa de Corzo (2010); the pirekua michoacana (2010); Mexican gastronomy (2010), and music for strings, song and trumpets (2011).

Besides all the things registered by UNESCO, Mexico has so many places where you can indulge in cultural tourism. All this makes Mexico a country worthy of visiting and admiring.


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