CAR_10 cosas que NO debes hacer cuando viajes a según qué países

In this blog we usually recommend things you can’t afford to miss, excursions you should go on or the best restaurants at each of the destinations we analyze. This time we’ve put together a small list of things you should never do depending on where you travel.

Never leave your chop sticks stuck in the rice! This is considered a symbol of death, but it is allowed in funeral offerings at temples and cemeteries. It is generally unwise to ‘stab’ your food with chop sticks. If you don’t know how to use them it’s better to ask for silverware! You can get by being clumsy but poor manners are not on the cards!

India, Pakistan, Morocco and Arabic countries
It is absolutely forbidden to use your left hand to eat. It is considered ‘impure’ and reserved to tasks of personal hygiene. If you’re a leftie, tough luck!

Kissing, greeting, hugging, shaking hands or exchanging gifts under the threshold of a door means that the relationship, whether one of love, friendship or business, will end poorly. So now you know that you have to save your kisses and hugs for before or after passing under the threshold, but never right below it!

If you add salt to your food it is very offensive for the cook who has put all his or her love and know-how in the dish. If you want more salt, you’ll have to do without it.

In China you cannot give a friend an umbrella. It would be taken as if you were ending the friendship. The same occurs if the gift is a clock or watch. It’s a way of hinting that their life is ticking away and is taken as a bad omen.

Don’t make the ‘OK’ symbol with your fingers. It is considered very offensive.

Please don’t try to imitate their accent J.

Don’t even think of clashing your glasses in a toast.

Don’t mention money. Don’t even ask about it.

Never give anyone two flowers as a gift. It can be one flower or a bouquet, just make sure it’s not two flowers.


“With these useful tips you can travel at ease without the fear of putting your foot in it and enjoy the over 100 IBEROSTAR hotels in 16 countries across the world.”