BRA_Salvador de Bahía

As soon as you set foot in Salvador da Bahia you can tell in the faces of its people, so thoroughly mixed over the centuries that you can’t tell how much there remains in them of their American, European and African ancestors, as I was saying, you can feel the cultural and even mystical mélange that has made Salvador such a welcoming city, to the point that you arrive there and they make you feel as if you’d been there your whole life.

It’s only natural to speak to people on every corner, from the man painting pictures in vivid colors to the woman in white selling acarajés or the toothless, wrinkled old lady offering you a bracelet of good luck …

The whole region of Bahia is like this, with friendly people in a tropical paradise where you can indulge in the rhythm of bossa nova. North of Salvador there is a succession of beaches leading to a small town called Praia do Forte, where turtles return from the sea to bury their eggs in the sand. This is an unforgettable experience that you can enjoy drinking coconut water or a nice caipirinha. There is nothing you won’t find in Salvador. This is the birthplace of capoeira, which originated from dances by the slaves in the days when fighting was not allowed; samba was also born here before it travelled to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro to become world famous. The Carnival in Salvador is different, it takes place on the streets and belongs to the people—anyone can take part in it.

On the streets of Salvador you can feel the good vibrations, which often defy description. It’s something you have to experience and live out for yourself. You have to go there—it’s definitely worth your while.


Bahian flavors: you have to try out the fish moquecas cooked with palm oil, the acarajés, vatapá, caruru, cocadas and quindins


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