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If you go shopping in any town or city of Morocco you will live an unforgettable experience, because the color, the spirit and the variety of these bazaars are a gift for the senses. You’ve got to haggle—accepting the first price they offer you is considered offensive so it’s best to play along with the tradesmen if you want to buy something, otherwise you’ll get ripped off.

At these bazaars you can find almost anything. Buying is easy because everything you may want or need to buy can be found at these flea markets: all kinds of carpets, leather goods, dried fruits, lamps, wooden boxes and many more things.

Moroccan herbs and spices are unique; some delicacies can only be found here, and you should make it a point to take some home with you for cooking or to offer friends delicious teas or other drinks. There are also many beauty products based on ancient recipes. Henna, for instance, is not only used to beautify women’s bodies but also to make their hair shiny and strong.

It is easy to adopt the traditional clothing: babouche slippers, caftans and large pants that will easily fit you.

The dyers’ bazaar is a feast for the eye, for instance Sebbaghine in Marrakech, made up by dark alleys with bales of wool dyed in many different colors. Natural tints in indigo, saffron, forest mint, poppy red, rose petal, blonde, grenadine mauve and cobalt are applied to the wool and then they let it dry in the sun.

These bazaars are also frequented by barbers, hairdressers, dentists, prophets, seers, scriveners, anything you can imagine. It is something not to be missed

Roam free through the bazaars of Morocco. It is a unique experience in an incredible country.


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