If you indulge in scuba diving, or even if you don’t think much of it, you should not miss a fascinating museum consisting of a number of sculptures by Jason de Caires Taylor that were placed underwater opposite the coast of Isla Mujeres, very close to Yucatan Peninsula in southeast Mexico. The MUSA (the acronym of Museum of Subaquatic Art) project was commenced in November 2009 with the Placement of a hundred or so statues in the shallow waters of the National Marine Park of Cancun. At present it comprises over 450 life size sculptures.

For those who love to go diving, the Mayan Riviera is a genuine paradise. Besides the fine white sand, the good weather and the margaritas, the Caribbean Sea is one of the major attractions for those who want to see all the colorful fishes in the sea, the coral reefs or… an incredible underwater museum!

The statues of Jason de Caires have been created using PH neutral, a component that helps to regenerate the marine environment, which is meant to save the old coral reefs and create new artificial ones that will enhance marine life. To this end he made over 400 statues: writers, tribes, girls, thinking men… each statue is original and striking. Those who are fond of scuba diving and snorkeling and tourists on boats with a glass bottom can visit this wonderful underwater installation. The museum is divided into two galleries called Salón Manchones and Salón Nizuc. The first one is eight meters deep and is fit for scuba divers and swimmers, while the second one is four meters deep and only snorkelling is allowed.

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