If you are planning a family vacation with kids in Brazil, here are a few tips for a perfect balance between rest and fun. Travelling with children requires greater precaution and planning than for an adult-only trip.

· Before leaving make sure everyone in the family is up to date with their vaccines. For children under 6 to enter Brazil they must be vaccinated against polio. Although the urban areas of Brazil are free of malaria and yellow fever, in rural and forest areas (preferred destinations for families) these diseases pose a risk for those who are not protected by the relevant vaccines. For these destinations the vaccine against rabies is also recommended, because kids are prone to playing with animals. Vaccines should be administered ten days before travelling.

· The golden rule when planning a trip with kids to Brazil is to choose a destination, lodging and attractions that are specially designed to keep children entertained and to allow adults to rest.

· If you do not know much about your destination and you want to go on excursions, it is essential that you rely on expert guides to go on excursions and carry out safe activities without having to worry about the details.

· Seek lodgings that are experienced in tending to children. Throughout Brazil (cities, beaches, forest and country) there are resorts with plenty of activities for family entertainment, including kids’ clubs for parents to disconnect. An all-inclusive package is a good idea to forget about the daily meals.

· The intense tropical sun may cause irritations and sunburn, especially on the delicate skin of children. Always wear sunscreen during the day, regardless of whether you are on the beach or in a city, even if it is cloudy. Protecting yourself from the sun in Brazil is essential for a healthy vacation.

· Choose an itinerary focusing on a single region. Brazil is a huge country, and travelling from one region to another could require hours of exhausting travel for children. Thanks to the rich diversity in all the regions in Brazil, with good planning you can see many different settings and attractions without having to spend too much time moving from one place to another.


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