Throughout the territory of Northern Africa we can find hundreds of thermal spas, with Tunisia and Morocco at the forefront of this custom. Water sprouts up in the most unexpected places. These waters have important medicinal benefits that have led Tunisia, for instance, to develop thermal tourism for people wishing to benefit from these mineral and medicinal waters that are good for treating an array of ailments, ranging from stress to dermatological and locomotive system maladies.

The most important spa resorts in Tunisia are located in the coastal town of Korkobous, near Hammamet, with its famous seven fountains, and the small town of Hamman Mellegue, between Le Kef and Mahdia, featuring magnificent Arab baths (Roman in origin), a genuine experience.

In Morocco, the name Moroccan hammam is given to a typical body treatment with spectacular results that has travelled around the world and can now be found outside the source country.

Besides therapeutic functions there is also the social element pertaining to the culture where this tradition was born. Of course there are hammams for men but for some reason this tends to be well appreciated by and popular among the female public. These thermal baths originated in Rome and subsequently expanded throughout the entire Ottoman Empire.

The secret lies in the black soap known as beldi, made from the oil of black olives, with important natural exfoliating properties. Beldi is applied lavishly on the skin, letting it seep in for 10 minutes, and then your skin is ready for an intensive exfoliation by way of the black glove known as kassa.

In short, no matter how healthy you may be, surely you will find in Tunisia or Morocco a source of health that will at least leave you relaxed and with a sense of well-being, which is quite a lot. It is a refreshing, renewing experience you can’t afford to miss.


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