Many claim food in Lanzarote is not that special and exceptional restaurants are hard to find. We believe otherwise. Because we have done our research properly, here is a list of top 15 restaurants that will make you remember Lanzarote as an island with hidden culinary treasures only few get the chance to know it that way. True, Lanzarote recipes might be simple, but when cooked by the right local chef or combined by renowned foreign chefs with succulent international dishes, you will experience what we like to call a moment of gastronomical awakening. From modern locations to age-old forts, you could easily try one of these best restaurants in Lanzarote each day, given you´re staying on the island for two weeks or more. We recommend you keep #1 for your last day, because we too, like to save the best for last. So make sure you read this list all the way to the end to find out where the best restaurant in Lanzarote is.


#15: Castillo de San José, a restaurant inside a historic castle in Arrecife  (3.5/5) 


Restaurant Castillo de San José in Arrecife,  Lanzarote

Thank you @narai_london for sharing this Instagram picture of Castillo de San José with us – View the restaurant on TripAdvisor

Planning for some cultural activities in Lanzarote, too? Then you must definitely go to the International Museum of Contemporary Art located in the Castillo de San José and end your visit in the restaurant located on site. Not only will you be dining in one of the oldest military forts on the island, but you will also get to try some of the most traditional dishes from the Canary Islands.

Tip: the irresistible starter of dates wrapped in bacon, coated in gofio (flour made from roasted grains) then fried

  • Atmosphere: suitable for families and couples
  • Opening hours: 13:00-15:45 and 20:00-23:00, Monday to Sunday
  • Reservation: not required
  • Phone: 928 81 23 21
  • Address: Castillo de San José, Av. Puerto Naos, s/n, Arrecife
  • Website: not available but here are some pictures of the restaurant from TripAdvisor

#14: La Cocina de Colacho, one of THE places to eat in Playa Blanca (3.7/5)


Restaurant Cocina de Colacho in Lanzarote

Thank you Epicuron for this picture of the exterior of La Cocina de Colacho – View more of this restaurant on TripAdvisor

With a distinct geometric glass exterior, this restaurant captures the attention of anyone who walks past it. Inside, the walls reflect precious colours of gold and silver, while the warm lighting carefully projected over modern furniture creates a dynamic effect. Apart from its top-notch design, this restaurant also happens to be one of the best restaurants in Playa Blanca. The kitchen is also set behind glass, as if a laboratory where you can see the chef Colacho and his team experiment with colours and textures.  The restaurant has its own wine cellar with special attention to wines of Lanzarote.

Tip: Keep an eye out for art. A permanent exhibition of paintings and photographs is on display at the restaurant.

  • Atmosphere: suitable for an older crowd
  • Opening hours: 18:30-23:30, Mondays and Wednesdays only
  • Reservation: required
  • Phone: 928 51 96 91
  • Address: Calle Velazquez, 15, Castillo de Anguila, Playa Blanca
  • Website:

#13, Brown Deli, best restaurant in Costa Teguise (3.8/5) 


Restaurant Brown Deli in Lanzarote

Don´t feel like dining out but would still like to enjoy an exquisite meal at home with your loved ones? Then this small delicatessen is a must try if you´re staying in Costa Teguise or any of its surrounding areas. Brown Deli´s concept is to deliver right to your doorstep fabulous homemade food cooked only with fresh, organic and local produce. You can of course always eat in or take-away. From freshly-baked pastries to daily-made quiches, this is the kind of place you´re going to miss when you´re back home from the holidays.

Tip: Take a taste of Lanzarote back home with you. There are many travel-friendly irresistible goodies waiting for you!

  • Atmosphere: A place for everyone! eat-in, take-out, delivery…
  • Opening hours: 10:00-16:00, Monday to Saturday
  • Reservation: not needed
  • Phone: 928 59 19 83
  • Address: C.C. Calypso 2, Avenida Islas Canarias, Costa Teguise
  • Website:

#12: El Mirador, best restaurant in Playa Blanca (3.9/5)


Restaurant El Mirador, Playa Blanca in Lanzarote

Thank you Sue_45_10 for this picture from El Mirador – View more of this restaurant on TripAdvisor

Family-owned, this restaurant is where quality, exclusivity and personalized service are the most important goals. After having previously owned another restaurant in Barcelona, where the family is originally from, if there´s one thing they know how to do, is to make you feel at home. Even the interior of the restaurant has been designed with that thought in mind, utilizing a soothing combination of glass and wood. But the best part is the grand panoramic view it has of Playa Blanca. The menu is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine but with a twist of secret Canary Islands ingredients. And you can tell that all the dishes are made with passion!

Tip: We recommend you go there at sunset time. How better to enjoy a good meal than over a breath-taking twilight view

  • Atmosphere: suitable for an older crowd
  • Opening hours: 12:00-22:00, Monday to Sunday
  • Reservation: recommended
  • Phone: 928 51 94 27
  • Address: Puerto Deportivo, Marina Rubicon, Playa Blanca
  • Website:

#11, Mama Africa, a modest little restaurant in La Santa (4/5)


mama africa restaurant lanzarote

Thank you Mama Africa restaurant for this picture from TripAdvisorView the rest

Located in the small village of La Santa, a lovely short drive from Puerto del Carmen, the reputation of this restaurant precedes it. Run by a couple, Mark and Monica, it is a modest little place where the food is divine and the staff is welcoming. Their menu is unlike any other on the island, offering international cuisine, so tasty you know you´ll be going back again for more. A real hidden gem destined to do great, even if it opened in any major gastronomic city of the world!

Tip: the Green Thai Chicken curry is apparently one of the best you could ever have

  • Atmosphere: the menu caters to mature taste buds but children are always welcome!
  • Opening hours: lunch and dinner, as well as an early bird menu from 17:30-19:00
  • Reservation: recommended
  • Phone: 928 83 81 04
  • Address: Rosa de los Vientos, 20, La Santa
  • Website: Not available but here are some TripAdvisor reviews

#10: La Cabaña, a popular restaurant in Macher (4.1/5)


la cabana restaurant lanzarote

Thank you @lacabanamacher for sharing this picture with us – Follow the restaurant on Instagram

One of the most popular restaurants in Lanzarote. Owned by British chef Darren Spurr who has headed some of the best restaurants in London, the menu offers a selection of top international cuisine, modern and imaginative, using only the freshest ingredients. The dishes are small in size but super savoury with remarkable attention to detail. With the service also highly-rated, there is no doubt this restaurant will soon receive its first Michelin star.

Tip: the seared Barbary duck breast with sweet cherry and mora glaze

  • Atmosphere: suitable for an older crowd­­
  • Opening hours: open only for dinner as of 19:00, Tuesday to Saturday
  • Reservation: required
  • Phone: 650 685 662
  • Address: Carretera Tias, 84, Macher
  • Website:

#9: The Codfather Fish and Chips, one of THE places to eat in Puerto del Carmen (4.2/5)


codfather lanzarote restaurant

Thank you Alejandro V for sharing this picture from the Codfather on TripAdvisorView more of this restaurant

So you´re thinking you´re on an island and there must be a restaurant that serves some delicious fish and chips. Well, you´re absolutely right! The Codfather is one of the best restaurants in Puerto del Carmen if you´re craving some good old fish and chips. It is affordable and do not be put off by its simpler appearance (plastic tables and chairs) as it is not representative of the quality of food it serves.

Tip: the cod, of course!

  • Atmosphere: family-friendly
  • Opening hours: open until 23:00, Monday to Sunday
  • Reservation: not required
  • Phone: 928 51 47 01
  • Address: C.C. La Penita, Avenida de las Playas, Puerto del Carmen
  • Website: not available but here are some pictures TripAdvisor reviews

#8: El Diablo, a volcanic cuisine restaurant in Teguise (4.3/5)


El Diablo lanzarote restaurant

Thank you Sonia Baptista for this picture from the kitchen of EL Diablo – View more of this restaurant on Flickr

Now how about a lunch cooked over volcanic heat? Yes, you´ve read right, volcanic heat! Created by César Manrique in 1970, an iconic artist from the island, the kitchen at El Diablo has a volcanic hole in the ground turning this dining experience into an adventure like no other. Basically, a giant grill is laid at the opening of the hole, where six feet below, lava is gently bubbling at 400°C, what is said to be the perfect temperature for volcanically grilled meats. This is literally one of the hottest restaurants of Lanzarote!!

Tip: the marinated pork with a side of arrugadas (traditional Canary Islands baked potatoes)

  • Atmosphere: suitable for families and couples
  • Opening hours: open for lunch only so make sure to arrive early. 12:00-15:00, Monday to Sunday
  • Reservation: not required
  • Phone: 928 84 00 57
  • Address: Timanfaya National Park, Teguise
  • Website: Not available but here are some TripAdvisor reviews

#7: Amura, a Michelin-rated restaurant in Puerto Calero (4.4/5)


Amura restaurant lanzarote

Thank you Chef @javierperezglez for sharing this picture from Amura with us – Explore more of this restaurant on Instagram

Housed in a large octagonal colonial style building, you´ll be seated in the dining room and handed an extensive menu with traditional Canarian cuisine. Located by the marina, this is not a seafront tourist destination so you´ll get to enjoy an excellent meal in a relaxed and homelike setting. Listed by the Michelin guide as one of the best restaurants in Lanzarote, the service is outstanding and the food doesn´t fail to impress in flavour nor presentation.

Tip: the vegetable risotto with rabbit loins

  • Atmosphere: suitable for an older crowd­­
  • Opening hours: 13:00-23:00, Monday to Sunday
  • Reservation: required
  • Phone: 928 51 31 81
  • Address: urbanización Puerto Calero, s/n, Yaiza
  • Website:

#6: Lagomar, César Manrique´s restaurant in Teguise (4.5/5)


lagomar restaurant lanzarote

Photo credits: Lagomar´s official Facebook Page

What once used to be the residence of actor Omar Sharif is now one of the most exclusive restaurants in the Canary Islands. Designed by iconic artist César Manrique, it is also one of the most impressive private properties in the Canaries. You´ll find yourself dining in a “1001 nights” ambiance surrounded by spectacular views of the island, a magical garden as well as a lake. The menu offers delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and even though it earned itself two Michelin forks, prices are still considered affordable.

Tip: Ask about their wine-tasting menu

  • Atmosphere: romantic, suitable for couples
  • Opening hours: 12:00-23:30, Tuesday to Sunday
  • Reservation: required
  • Phone: 928 84 56 65
  • Address: Calle los Loros, 2, Teguise
  • Website:

#5: La Cantina, a true local culinary experience in Teguise (4.6/5)


La cantina restaurant lanzarote

Thank you @cantinateguise for sharing this picture from La Cantina with us – Follow the restaurant on Instagram

Housed in a historical building in the oldest town of the Canary Island, La Cantina is where you can have a true local experience from food, wine to atmosphere. The restaurant celebrates Lanzarote cuisine, cooked in simple yet authentic ways, and is all about local produce and wines in efforts to support local farmers. Vegetables are sometimes literally handpicked from nearby farms minutes before being served to you. You can also catch an exhibition or a film in their tiny cinema.

Tip: goat cheeses are a local specialty. The one with paprika is our favourite!

  • Atmosphere: more suitable for couples but children are always welcome
  • Opening hours: 10:00-23:00, Monday to Sunday (closed Sunday evenings)
  • Reservation: advisable for weekends
  • Phone: 928 84 55 36
  • Address: Calle Leon y Castillo, 8, Teguise
  • Website:

#4, Casa Roja, best restaurant in Puerto del Carmen (4.7/5)


casa roja restaurant lanzarote

Thank you manrev for sharing this picture of Casa Roja on TripAdvisor View them all

Just like its name, this restaurant is a red house dating back from 1850. Located by sandy shores, this is where to eat in Puerto del Carmen as the menu offers a fusion of Canarian and Mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist. Chef Paul Campbell, licenced from the London Westminster College, is in charge of the kitchen and now has over 30 years of culinary experience. He makes sure only the best and freshest ingredients are being used, with a special focus on fresh fish and local produce to craft exquisite dishes that can only be enjoyed on this island and nowhere else in the world. So, do not expect a standardized menu, dishes constantly vary depending on what local fishermen are selling every day. As for the interior, it is rustic-chic evoking an authentic Canarian style.

Tip: For an even better experience, have your meal on the open-air terrace where you can enjoy some of the best views of a charming nearby port

  • Atmosphere: suitable for an older crowd
  • Opening hours: 11:00-23:00, Monday to Sunday
  • Reservation: recommended
  • Phone: 928 51 58 66
  • Address: Avenida varadero, Puerto del Carmen
  • Website:

#3: La Tegala, best restaurant in Macher (4.8/5)


La tegala restaurant lanzarote

Thank you @cristianmoya for sharing this picture from La Tegala with us – Explore more of this restaurant on Instagram

With over 40 years in the world of Canarian cuisine, the owner chef Antonio Hernández has devoted his life to build this gastronomic dream. His restaurant stands in a building of its own, with an avant-garde design that earned it a regional architecture prize. With fantastic views of the neighboring island of Fuerteventura, the menu changes several times a year and offers Canarian-Spanish cuisine that is contemporary yet rooted from authentic recipes. It is interesting that many of the casseroles are cooked for over 14 hours

Tip: Papas Bonitas (local potatoes) dressed in avocado tartar and finished off with a tuna topping

  • Atmosphere: suitable for an older crowd­­
  • Opening hours: 13:00-16:00 and 19:00-23:00, Monday to Saturday
  • Reservation: required
  • Phone: 928 524 524
  • Address: Carretera Tias, 60, Macher
  • Website:

#2: Lilium, best restaurant in Arrecife (4.9/5)


Lilium restaurant lanzarote

Thank you @pitcha_kae for sharing this picture from Lilium with us – Explore more of this restaurant on Instagram

With a stylish décor in the revamped marina, this restaurant will wow you with unbelievable flavours from confit duck leg with fig sauce to grilled scallops with banana, coconut, caviar and lime. Every dish is delicately graced with Canary Islands secret ingredients, turning international plates into the most memorable you´ve ever had. Every bite will stir your curiosity, the reason why many clients are found asking waiters about the ingredients. The owners will make sure to keep that a secret

Tip: the restaurant has its very own wine cellar so make sure to ask for recommendations

  • Atmosphere: suitable for an older crowd
  • Opening hours: 13:00-14:00 and 19:00-23:00, Wednesday to Monday
  • Reservation: recommended
  • Phone: 928 52 49 78
  • Address: Centro comercial Marina Lanzarote, Avenida Fred Olsen, s/n, Arrecife
  • Website:

#1: Verde Mar, the best restaurant of Lanzarote! (5/5)


verde mar restaurant lanzarote

Thank you Martyna R for sharing this picture from Verde Mar on TripAdvisor View more

This little restaurant is a gem hidden in the coastal village of La Santa, North West of the island. The menu might look standard for a best restaurant but it is known for its fresh fish, caught directly from the neighbouring harbour and delivered within minutes into the chef´s kitchen. The chef is originally from the UK, but moved years ago to the island where he applies his international cooking skills combined with Canarian special touches he never seizes to discover. Not the typical fancy place you would usually find as best listed, but it is by far the most authentic and best restaurant in all of Lanzarote! 

Tip: You cannot leave this island without having tried the sardines drizzled with Canarian mojo sauce. Buen Provecho!

  • Atmosphere: suitable for families and couples
  • Opening hours: 12:00-22:00, Monday to Saturday
  • Reservation: always better but not necessary
  • Phone: 630 15 26 60
  • Address: Calle Señora Encarnacion, 2, La Santa
  • Website:


To ensure you can easily find each of these suggestions during your stay, we created an interactive map of the island just for you:

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