CAR_Qué nos gusta llevarnos de recuerdo de nuestros viajes por el mundo

Almost all travelers, besides coming back home with incredible experiences, also like to bring along a physical object, something tangible that will remind us of our trip, of the place or the time. That is why they are called souvenirs.

Some of us even collect those objects from our trips. I have to admit I love mugs. Every time I go on a trip I have to buy a mug clearly stating where it was bought. They are easy to find, and any city or even the remotest village has its typical mug with its name printed on it and even a typical image to go along.

T-shirts are another classic. Often when buying them you think they lack quality and won’t last too long, but somehow they manage to stick and make it past a move or two! ;-) Crystal balls with snowflakes are another hot commodity among souvenirs. Even if you travel to the Caribbean, surely you’ll find some snow to remind you of the Mayan Riviera! Another easy one that can be found the world over is the ubiquitous refrigerator magnet. They come in every size, shape and form and we all know a relative or friend with more magnets than people on a crowded beach but they still ask you for more every time you go on a trip. Minimalism in magnets they call it.

There are others that are not as frequent. I’ve known people who collect bottles of beer (unopened), lizards (made of clay, plastic, resin, metal…), thimbles, teaspoons, backpack patches, pens, shot glasses, the traditional dress, and of course the inevitable postcards, bank notes and coins from the countries they visit.

Do you have any favorite type of souvenir from your trips?


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