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Morocco warmly welcomes its visitors, but you must remember that Moroccan customs are quite different from those of the western World, therefore we should respect them.

These are the most important ones:

· Most mosques and temples may only be visited by Muslims but there are some exceptions. You must be dressed appropriately, without wearing anything provocative.

· When visitors are invited to a meal at a home they must wash their hands first and are not to start eating until after the owner of the home has prayed the ‘bismillah’ in praise of God.

· Throughout the month of Ramadan, it is best not to eat, drink or smoke out in public areas during hours of daylight.

· Before taking a picture, it is best to respectfully ask for permission. This applies to virtually every tourist destination in Morocco.

· Men often walk hand in hand out in the street. This is a sign of friendship.

· Normally things do not have a set price. Haggling is customary throughout the Kingdom.

· Although there are exceptions, most restaurants do not sell alcoholic beverages. Drinking out in the street is considered disrespectful.

· Between relatives and friends, greetings consist of three kisses on the cheek. When offering your hand for a handshake, make sure it’s your right hand. The left hand is meant for other hygiene-related purposes.

· When entering a home in Morocco you must remove your shoes. This has to do with taking care of carpets, which are a highly prized possession in Moroccan households.

· Mint tea is a symbol of hospitality so you should be grateful and accept it when offered. It is excellent—it is a pleasure to drink it rather than an obligation.

· When eating you should use your right hand and it is advisable to try a bit of every dish, because Moroccan cuisine is excellent. Food is abundant so it is not obligatory to wipe the dish clean!


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