Located in southeast Morocco, in the Valley of Ziz, Merzouga is a charming little town with all the magic of the desert. Rising up as one of the gateways to the Sahara, it is the most salient enclave in the Erg Chebbi dune area, making it a fundamental part of the journey for many tourists visiting Morocco. Erg Chebbi is the most accessible and well known of the smaller ergs. It is located between the Taouz massif and the rocky desert and it is around 20 km long. Many nature and adventure lovers from all over the world choose to leave behind the imperial cities, cross the Atlas mountain range and enter this unique scenario.

Merzouga offers a succession of impressive landscapes, where nature changes gradually as you move ahead, leading to a huge horizon of sand that will captivate any sensitive soul. This town is located next to one of the most impressive pyramidal dunes in the country, measuring 50 km long and 5 km wide, and a height of 350 meters! The sand making up these dunes has the characteristic orange hue of the Sahara and is made up of many equally-sized grains of quartz.

As a tourist destination, Merzouga is perfectly organized and it has hotels, hostels and quality desert raid routes. There are many excursions to be enjoyed (AWD, quad, dromedaries…) and visits to the dunes, setting up camp in the midst of the palm tree oases where you can eat, enjoy a show and spend a nice night in a haima under the star-speckled sky. This is also a unique opportunity to enter in contact with the Berbers and get first-hand experience of their simple lifestyle, their culture and traditions.

Travelling in October or November means you can attend the Fig and Date Feast, one of the most important events in the area. It is an excellent occasion where you can discover the local products, food and customs and watch surprising events such as the traditional dromedary race in the dunes of Merzouga.


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