The archipelago of the Canary Islands rises up in the midst of the spectacular waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a unique enclave on the planet made up by seven major islands with National Parks, areas included on the World Heritage List, protected natural areas and enchanting coasts. One of these islands is Fuerteventura, a subtropical paradise with over 150 km of beaches of white sand and turquoise water that could be called “the beach of the Canary Islands.”

When arriving in Fuerteventura you are captivated by the magical surroundings. The whole island was declared a Reserve of the Biosphere and a Starlight Reserve, it has huge natural settings and an enormous protected area where you can get lost if you wish to. Natural monuments, natural parks in the countryside and unique landscapes attest to the island’s volcanic origin. The biodiversity and autochthonous flora and fauna are of incalculable value and they are protected by a number of environmental projects.

The island in itself is an extensive Natural Heritage that is highly valued thanks to its state of conservation. It comprises over 350,000 hectares featuring singular developments emerging in an arid medium surrounded by the sea. We can find extremely arid landscapes that make it one of the best geo-paleontology observatories of Macaronesia and the best representation of desert and steppe-like habitats in the entire archipelago. It also boasts the greatest marine treasures of the Canary Islands, where you can enjoy endless activities. You can go whale-watching and practice many water sports, among which we recommend the immersion in unique volcanic areas.

Fuerteventura is therefore a Sustainable Tourist Destination where the conservation of traditional activities and values is compatible with tourist activities. It is a privileged place for viewing volcanic areas with a world class fossil register and around 50 paleontology sites. Fuerteventura is one of the largest semi-desert zones of the European Union that will surprise you throughout its virtually virgin coastline. All this natural beauty is enhanced by the wealth of Canary Island culture and the friendliness of its people, the magnificent cuisine and the endless offer of entertainment and fun.

Each corner of this island is a corner waiting to be discovered and all you have to do is choose how you want to enjoy it. Moving along its many paths on a mountain bike or on a camel can be a great experience.


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