On the northern coast of Jamaica, just an hour and a half away from Montego Bay, we arrive at Ocho Rios (the locals call it Ochie), which has gone from a modest fisherman’s port to becoming a first rate tourist destination.

Contrary to what the name suggests, the town does not have eight rivers, and the name probably derives from a misinterpretation of the original name Las Chorreras, applied to the springs near the River Dunn. Renowned for its beautiful waterfalls, the Y’s Falls, Ocho Rios is the wildest and probably the most beautiful region in Jamaica.

The Dunn’s River Falls are the tourist attraction par excellence. You can hire an experienced guide to walk up along the falls. It is a highly recommendable adventure to climb up these waterfalls.

Ocho Rios is the region that is home to the famous Bob Marley Museum (its quality exceeds that of the museum in Kingston) and it is also where he is buried, in the town of Nine Miles.

The Ocho Rios area is known as the ‘parish garden’ thanks to the exuberance of its tropical flora and its exotic fauna. Here you will find majestic waterfalls, twisting rivers and beautiful beaches of white sand. If you like movies, you can visit Golden Eye, the luxury estate where part of the namesake James Bond movie was filmed.

Discover the town, visit the shops, have a drink at any of the bars, especially the famous Mama Marley’s bar and restaurant, with its nice atmosphere and exquisite decoration.

If you feel like taking a walk, fishing in a pond, watching birds or going for a stroll on horseback or riding a donkey, all you have to do is visit the Cranbrook Flower Forest. It is good way to disconnect from the city bustle, take a rest and enjoy nature at its most spectacular.


If you travel with your kids: take an inflatable raft down the White River and the Black River. There are also waterparks, springboards and slides near Island Village (on the Turtle River Road).  Another ideal experience for kids and adults is swimming with dolphins or feeding sharks at Dolphin Cove (next to the Dunn’s River Falls).


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