We propose 15 things you can’t miss when you visit the Park of Xcaret, the most impressive eco-archeological park in the Mayan Riviera.

· Swim and take pictures with the dolphins and even the stingrays!

· Climb up the rotating tower and enjoy the views of the park and the Caribbean Sea.

· Visit the coral reef aquarium, with water flowing in directly from the Caribbean thanks to a system that takes advantage of the waves to keep a steady flow from and then back to the sea.

· Stop by the local fauna breeding station, where the hosts are successfully breeding scarlet and green macaws in captivity. You can even have your picture taken with them!

· Go snorkeling in underground rivers. This is a unique experience!

· Walk through the Mexican Cemetery with its 365 tombs arranged as a spiral on a hill with seven levels, representing the 365 days of the year and the seven days of the week.

· Visit the turtle breeding grounds, included in the Mayan Riviera Sea Turtle Conservation Program, where you can learn about the life cycle of these impressive, beautiful animals.

· Watch a Pre-Colombian Ball Game, representing a metaphor of a fight between warriors from the underworld and heavenly beings.

· Go diving without an oxygen tank or vest using the Snuba system, an aquatic activity combining snorkeling and diving while you go down and your oxygen tank remains at the surface.

· Get to know the islands with jaguars, spider monkeys and tapirs.

· Walk on the sea bottom in the blue waters of the Caribbean using the special Sea Trek helmet—an adventure for those wishing to enjoy submarine flora and fauna.

· Visit the Butterfly Farm, one of the largest in the world, where you can learn about the life cycle of these flying insects, the same way as for the turtles.

· Discover the Mayan Village, where you can find out how the ancient Mayas lived in pre-Colombian days.

· Visit Xcaret at night. When the sun sets the fun goes on in this Caribbean paradise: walk along the paths, marked out by candlelight, and discover this environmental haven from a nocturnal viewpoint.

· Also at night, watch the “Mexico Espectacular” show, on the Gran Tlachco, a majestic stage where over 300 artists show you the nest of Mexican culture and music.


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