Cape Verde is one of those destinations in which tourist activity is still developing. Thus, travelers will always feel as if they are in an unexplored location, where traditions remain strong and the locals know how to make guests feel like just another member of the family around the table. But that doesn’t mean you have time for boredom to set in. On the contrary, there are a great number of activities to be experienced, particularly those related to the sea.

One of them is diving. The temperature of the water in Cape Verde is perfect for swimming: 23 ºC in summer and 28 ºC in winter. Among the different schools that organize courses and excursions, there are dive sites for all levels, which will enable visitors to explore some of the most spectacular waters in the world. Furthermore, Sal Island has one of the must-visit points: the Olho Azul (Blue Eye), a stunning hole twelve meters deep in which, at midday, the sun creates reflections on the waters, giving them an intense blue color.

Boardsports are another activity. Surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing have made some of the destinations reference points for surfing communities around the world, particularly in winter, when the wind is stronger. The residents, aware of this, have established hire shops and schools for all levels and on all the islands.

The incredible marine fauna of these islands, in addition to making it possible to swim among the specimens, also provide some activities. Recreational fishing, for example, has become one of its main attractions, with centers organizing marlin- and tuna-catching excursions, among other species. Another possibility is spotting turtles on the island of Boa Vista. The loggerhead turtle is a species which, in the nights between the months of July and January, chooses the beaches of this island to spawn its young on the sand in a genuine spectacle of nature.

But not only the sea generates activities for visitors to Cape Verde. Hiking in Fogo Natural Park, on the island of the same name, is a pleasure for all visitors who love eco-tourism. You cannot miss the hike which takes you to the Pico Pequeno (Small Peak) or to Cha das Caldeiras volcano, which has a diameter of 500 meters and had its last eruption in 1995.


A meal and a drink: To experience Cape Verde you have to try a meal and a drink. Cachupa is a mixture of corn, meats, beans, sausages and vegetables. It is said that you can measure the level of wellbeing of a family by the ingredients they put into their cachupa. And, to drink, you must try Grogue, a liquor of distilled sugar cane with rum, which is served at almost every occasion.


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