All those in search of some vacations on the beach, be it in the hottest months of the year or when the temperatures are a little milder, take a large number of factors into account when selecting their destination. Good hotels, gastronomy and leisure activities, the culture of the place and the friendliness of its inhabitants are usually decisive factors. But we must not forget the services that visitors can enjoy on the beach. A coastline with difficult access or dirty sand, or where it is impossible to find a shower or shade offering protection from the sun (particularly for those traveling as a family) are elements that bear considerable weight when selecting one destination over another. And, to be sure that all these services are available, there is nothing better than the blue flags awarded by the European Foundation for Environmental Education. During 2014, the beaches of Cádiz, with a total of 32, led the way in terms of the number of these distinctions.

Among them, here is a small selection:

La Barrossa

Situated in Chiclana, it is one of the biggest, which is why, despite the fact that it is located in a built-up area and that it has a high occupancy rate, it is very comfortable, both for families and visitors in search of the full range of services.

La Alcaidesa

Along the same lines as La Barrosa, very vast (4,300 meters of coastline, 60 meters wide) and with high occupancy, it is perfect for families. It differs from the La Barrossa in the color of its dark sand.


Just like almost all beaches in built-up areas which have the full range of services, it has a high occupancy rate. But its 85 meters in width offer substantial space for its visitors.

Camarón / La Laguna

In addition to the blue flag, this beach of moderate occupancy boasts the ISO 14.001 Environmental Certification and the Q of Calidad Turística 2014, which gives it added value. On it, you will see plenty of people surfing, sailing and jogging.


Just like the previous one, it boasts the ISO 14.001 Environmental Certification and the Q of Calidad Turística 2014 (Tourist Quality 2014), as well as the blue flag. It is fantastic for windsurfing, particularly in the port area, and diving, close to the residential area.

La Costilla

It is the busiest beach in Rota, as it is located in the old town and boasts the full range of services.

Punta Candor

It is the most remote of the urban centers on the list. Surrounded by vegetation, with golden sand and moderate swell, it is basically a wild beach which possesses the full range of services required to obtain the blue flag, the ISO 14.001 Environmental Certification and the Q of Calidad Turística 2014


With moderate swell, it is a very windy beach, which allows the formation of large golden sand dunes. Remote and without a promenade, it has an average occupancy rate.

La Ballena

With moderate occupancy, it is a beach with all kinds of services for hire: sun loungers, parasols and even boats. With moderate swell, it is 4,500 meters long and 30 meters wide.

La Regla

Situated in Chipiona, it is essentially an urban beach, with high occupancy and peaceful waters. The high quality of its services and nearby leisure zones makes it a reference point for tourists and residents.

Tranquil beaches: The beaches with lower occupancy are, as always, those which have fewer services and, consequently, do not hold the blue flag. If you want to get away from the masses, seek out the coastline of the Playa de los Alemanes, Playa de Bolonia, the Calas de Roche or the Cala del Aceite.



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