Being in Salvador da Bahia during the six days before Ash Wednesday means being part of one of the biggest urban parties in the world: Carnival. Its 19 kilometer route is the most important street and festival explosion on the planet, even featuring in the Guinness Book of World Records (that of Rio de Janeiro holds the record for a closed venue). So travelers have no option: they either enjoy the carnival or pick another destination.

The main attractions of this macro-event are the so-called Trios eléctricos, huge trucks with a spectacular show of light and sound, in which renowned Brazilian groups play and dancing throughout the parade non-stop. Around them there are people gathered in the so-called Blocos. These groups, cordoned off, with access permitted after buying a ticket at prices varying between 50 and 500 dollars, wear t-shirts to identify them, making the parade a real rainbow of music and dance.

But moving around the Trios eléctricos is not the only way to experience carnival. Throughout the parade route, the so-called Camarotes, boxes from which you have a fantastic view of the party, are installed. Furthermore, also at a cost, they offer a free bar offering drinks, food and music played by famous DJs who don’t let the atmosphere drop.

There are also free options, however, such as that of joining the Pipoca (popcorn), groups that accompany the Trios from outside the cordon and which are so-called due to the fact that they are continually jumping to the rhythm of the music. Alternatively, you can enjoy the party from the Barracas, drinks stands located along the parade route, at which many people gather, organizing their own parallel parties.

Whatever your preferred option, the Salvador da Bahia Carnival is one of the best options, if not the best, for all travelers who love a party atmosphere and dancing in the open air.


So you don’t miss a detail: To immerse yourself in Bahia’s carnival, the best idea is to consult this year’s program. To do so, there are many websites on which you can buy tickets for the Blocos or hire Camarotes (or Abadas). These are the most famous ones:





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