MED_Viajar con calma

Here, we are in favor of calm trips, better known as “slow travel”. And the point is that the clock and the calendar do not mix at all well with enjoying what you are doing, in this case traveling. Don’t you think? The “slow food” movement was born around the year 1989 in Italy in response to the opening of the first McDonald’s there. In 2005, Carl Honoré, the guru of this movement, published his “Eulogy to slowness”, in which he explains the philosophy of this way of thinking and acting; of experiencing and understanding life. This thought was leaving its mark on other areas, and inevitably, it reached travel. Thus, the concept of “Slow Travel”, which is more a different focus on trips than a form of traveling, was born.

The “Slow” Movement reignites the pleasure of living with no rush, enjoying the wealth of diversity and the small pleasure in life. And we are in complete agreement with this philosophy of life, and all the more so where trips are concerned. With no planes, no rush, waking up with no alarm clock, having breakfast calmly, taking a relaxing dip in the sea, lying on your lounger as the sun and sea breeze caress your skin, or if you are in a city, wandering through the streets with no fixed destination, taking in every area, every corner, every square… without thinking about visiting a thousand sites in record time. Of course it is good to experience the place you have visited, but this does not contradict the slow philosophy; on the contrary, it is simply a question of looking at it in another way: The objective of the trip is not to visit a city or zone but to discover it, experience it, enjoy it and become a part of it. Eating the typical gastronomy of the location, trying to experience its people and their customs… Taken to the maximum, this spirit is about enjoying the journey as much as the destination, that is to say, choosing the train to gaze at the landscape or the bike to become part of it. In this way, we avoid the obsession of doing the maximum number of kilometers per hour by car without allowing ourselves to stop off and see the nice towns along the way. Missed the train? Well then calmly have a cup of coffee until the next one passes.


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