The temperature doesn’t exceed 28 degrees Celsius, the sea is lukewarm and the waves just right for lovers of water sports to feel they have reached their paradise; the sand surrounds the bare feet of visitors who, little by little, are finding their yearned-for location of relaxation, a town which takes to the street after a period of hurricanes and storms. Fleeing the cold to the Caribbean during the winter months is all this and much more.

Some Caribbean countries have practically the same temperatures all year round, but during the summer the thermometers can reach 40ºC and even 50ºC in some zones, which makes it almost in possible to keep your body functioning for any type of activity. Furthermore, when we talk about the climate of the region it is inevitable that we will mention hurricanes. These storms officially threaten the zone from the month of April until November, and so you can mark the period from December to the end of March on your calendar as the best time to land on one of the most fascinating locations in the world.

The Caribbean offers a great quantity of activities during these months so that nobody can get bored, even for a minute, as they relax their body and mind. In its waters, lovers of water sports such as surfing and snorkeling will encounter some moments that they will remember for years to come. However, it is the sporty visitors, who have to expend greater physical energy, who will enjoy the favorable lukewarm climate which allows all kinds of outdoor activities with no problem.

Even so, it must be taken into account that, precisely because it is the best time to travel to the region, it is also the time when the prices rise and the number of visitors multiplies considerably, so you have to plan sufficiently in advance to ensure that you don’t encounter problems when booking. But the Caribbean has enough charm and possibilities for spending the perfect vacations with all the tranquility, relaxation, party, liveliness and intensity you could want – and what is more, they will be unforgettable.


Some tips: As well as jet lag, it is important to bear in mind the change of temperature in terms of clothing when you arrive at your destination. Furthermore, good sun protection and avoiding spending too many hours on the beach during the first days is essential


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