Punta Cana, Puerto Playa and Bayahibe represent three types of tourism and three types of concepts in terms of options for travelers when selecting a destination in the Dominican Caribbean.

Punta Cana is the number one destination par excellence. With a coastline of more than 50 kilometers, it is the perfect destination for family tourism, idyllic honeymoons and travelers seeking the tranquility of the big resorts with all-inclusive offers. Here, the majority of the time is spent within the hotel’s premises, with excursions to parks and facilities prepared so that guests are able to understand how people live in the Dominican Republic, how to enjoy it and what it is all about, but always from a safe setting with all the comforts you could want.

One thing’s for sure, its beaches are mythical and heavenly, with the finest of white sand, caressed by a warm greenish-blue sea, not quite the turquoise of the beaches further south in the Caribbean. The Dominican government does not consider it a national treasure for nothing, both due to its incredible flora and fauna and the natural wonders found there.

Puerto Plata, for its part, differs from Punta Cana due to its more diverse offer, abound with options of all kinds, from the most economical to the most luxurious. Thus, the options available to tourists are somewhat more varied than in Punta Cana, as it is normal to move around more and leave the hotel complexes more to mix with the local people and feel their natural friendliness and hospitality. Furthermore, it has a nightlife outside of the hotels which attracts a large number of young people and lovers of Latin rhythms after sunset.

Additionally, its beaches do not have the almost-turquoise blue of Punta Cana, but a more green and dark color, as well as a more yellow shade of sand, although no less fine or beautiful.

Bayahibe is the smallest of the towns and therefore the least tourist-oriented of the three. It is one of the most charming fishing towns in the country. Strolling through its port, visitors can find everything, from fishermen preparing their colorful boats and guitarists playing bachata to outboards rented by tour operators in which travelers from other areas stop off on its turquoise beaches. It is one of those places that have allowed tourism to grow so strongly in its surrounding areas without losing even a shred of its old charm. A little gem.


Do not miss: Whatever your destination in the Dominican Republic, do not miss the excursion to Saona Island, either as a tour group or by yourself. Its mangrove swamps, beaches and natural pools full of starfish are an experience you aren’t likely to forget.



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