Speaking of cold winters in Majorca when temperatures fall to a high of 15 ºC during the day and a low of 5 ºC at night is something that almost provokes laughter in some areas of Spain and wider Europe. But the characteristic humidity of these islands plays a more important role than it seems here. When the cold gets into your body, (almost) nobody can get rid of it. So the Majorcans, who are very accustomed to living in tranquility and almost always following the same routines, look at this matter in a very clear manner: during the coldest months, the island has as many or more possibilities as when heat (and humidity) take their stranglehold and you can do no other than get into the water.

In addition to visiting monuments and famous buildings, such as the cathedral or the Bellver Castle, the city of Palma and the towns offer a world of possibilities which make it a spectacular location in which it is easy to feel at home.

Happening to fall upon any of the towns of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range is always a pleasure, but even more so in winter. Their stone houses and the smoke billowing from the chimneys, the hiking paths that join them in the middle of the mountains, the clean air and the sound of nature are like a small piece of paradise on an island that goes from stone to sand in just twenty minutes. This makes strolling along the shores of beaches, which are either deserted or full of runners depending on the time of day, another pleasure that the traveler can experience in almost any part of the coastline and at any time. The sand below your feet and the cold air lift your spirits and clean out everything including your lungs.

But this island is not only seen on foot. The special geography of the island, with a large plain and mountains of more than a thousand meters, in addition to relatively low rainfall, make it perfect for exploring by bike. The large network of minor roads which cover all the towns and corners of Majorca makes it a magnificent landscape to explore calmly, gazing at the spectacular almond blossoms at the end of January and beginning of February, or the leafiness of the Serra’s forests, to later relax in any little bar where they will be delighted to serve the most amazing foods, with pa amb oli, cold cuts and local cheeses as the staples of the region.

But, if tourists want to focus their activity in the capital, they will see that Majorcans are staunch followers of customs. One of them, for example, is that of “anar a Plaça”, going to the market, where your eyes will get lost in the meat, vegetables and, above all, the fish, recently brought from the Llotja to enjoy in any of its stews. And the island possesses many stews, casseroles and rice dishes, all of them very soupy, very hot, but magnificently complemented by all the vegetables of the season.

And among the winter products, pork is king. From mid-November until mid-January, any self-respecting local family completes one of the most eagerly-awaited rituals of the year: las matanzas (sacrificed meat). It consists of a pig going from a live animal to a world of delicacies that will fill tables all year round and over which the queen, sobrassada (Majorcan sausage) reigns, an element necessary for any time of year and which goes perfectly with any dish worth its salt.


Do not miss: Any true traveler cannot forget the small details that give them a sense of belonging. And one of these details is eating an ice cream or chocolate with ensaïmada (Majorcan pastry) or Cuarto (Majorcan cake) at Can Joan de S’Aigo, the oldest ice cream parlor on the island, and outside of which you are likely to see incredibly long queues.


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