The sun, the white dunes of the desert which merge with the unique blue water of the sea, stunningly beautiful landscapes, flavorsome food, hospitable and friendly people, the most beautiful island of Cape Verde is all this and much more.

Facing the coast of Senegal, Boa Vista is the biggest island of the Cape Verde archipelago and belongs to the Barlovento islands. Its very long, unspoiled beaches are an endless succession of white sand dunes, splashed with picture-perfect palm trees. This island is perfect if you want to enjoy the beach and the ocean in complete peace. Its enormous size makes it impossible that you will have to compete with someone to throw down your towel and claim your place on the sand. Boa Vista can be defined for all purposes as a paradise, silent and with little tourism, ideal for vacations focused on relaxation, but also for lovers of adventure, thanks to the possibility of practicing water sports (windsurfing enthusiasts know it very well) and the interesting excursions available on it.

An excellent idea is visiting the island by quad. This is particularly ideal for visiting the deserts of Viana (with the whitest of sand) and Rabil (more earthy).

Some of the best beaches on the island are Chaves and Ponta Varadinha, where it will probably be just you, the white sand and the incredible blue of the sea.  Curalinho, better known as Santa Mónica beach since it shares its name with the famous beach in California – an 18 km strip – also comes highly recommended. Fine, white sand, on which the waves of the sea break in a setting of indescribable beauty. And in the north of the island, don’t forget to visit Santa María beach, not so much for swimming, as the waters are usually quite rough, but for the ghostly landscape featuring the remains of the Spanish boat named Cabo de Santa Maria, which sank here in 1988. And if you fancy witnessing loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs, make sure you visit the beach of Ervatao. There is a conservation center where you can get information about the habits of this species and the efforts that are made to ensure its continued existence.

And if you want to know what Boa Vista tastes of, try the langostada and the cachupa. Two excellent and traditional dishes which no visitor to this island can leave without sampling.


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