Ilha de Boipeba is located just to the south of the island of Tinharé, where the famous and also highly recommended Morro de São Paulo is found. Boipeba is a beach destination of a type of which only very few remain; a small and calm town, with no cars and fabulous unspoiled beaches, which form the ideal setting for anyone seeking tranquility, to isolate themselves from civilization and enjoy nature in its purest state to the full.

The success of Boibepa lies in the fact that it is difficult to reach. That is not to say that it is mission impossible, not by any stretch. There are various ways to access it, the easiest and quickest being by plane from Salvador to the south of Tinharé island, where you land and take a boat that will leave you on the Ilha de Boipeba in a few short minutes.

The best way to experience the island is to book a ferry trip which tours the whole island, stopping off at various beaches, at the natural pools of Moreré (if the tide permits), at the Cova da Onça and in Canavieira (a peculiar breeding ground for oysters on the island), where you can gaze at the beautiful sunset from the floating bars before returning to Velha Boipeba. But of course you can also tour the island of your own accord; from the town of Velha Boipeba you can reach the beaches Tassimirim and Cueira on foot without too much difficulty, and for those who enjoy walking, you can also reach the beaches of Moreré and Bainema on foot from the central parts of the island. Depending on the season, there are tractors which bring tourists back to the town. A real experience! Strolling through the town takes you back in time to a remote place with a very special atmosphere, and is highly recommended.

Although there are some bars, Boipeba’s strong point is not its nightlife. However, it is very pleasant to go out for dinner in the town after dark. In one of the squares there is a tapioca stall at which a very quiet man prepares delicious, traditional tapiocas. In São Francisco, also known as Cova da Onça, there is a very simple restaurant, Toca da Onça, where they serve mouth-watering seafood.

On the island there are no banks or cash machines, or bureaux de change for that matter. There are many places which do not accept payment on card, so bear this in mind when visiting Ilha de Boipeba.



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