Cape Verde is a paradise full of contrasts, where unspoiled beaches mix with others of white-sand, beautiful cliffs with plains and where at times volcanoes appear to emerge from the abyss to show all of their beauty. On these islands you will enjoy a world of possibilities while you experience an unforgettable trip; you will enjoy activities such as diving, hiking, fishing, windsurfing and simply going to the beach to the full.

Taking a quick tour of the different island, we must highlight that on the small island of Sal the most picturesque site of interest is the crater of the old Pedra do Lume volcano where you will find an artificial tunnel made in 1804 to access the salt mine. In San Antonio, the greenest of the islands, the main attraction is taking long walks in the Las Ribeiras zone, across the bumpy valleys of the eastern part of the island. Lovers of hiking will enjoy this excursion more than anyone. The island of San Vicente is an excellent destination for practicing water sports; the bay of San Pedro is perfect for surfing, windsurfing and body boarding, and the lagoon of the Baía das Gatas is ideal for swimming. Santiago is the largest and most important island of Cape Verde, its volcanic origin is manifested in the mountain chains that dominate the whole length of the island with a maximum height of 1392 m on the Pico de Antónia mountain. Of all the islands of the archipelago, Santiago has the most diverse appearance. Its mountains are tall and steep but at the bottom you will find dense forests and valleys where agriculture is prominent. If you visit Santiago straight after the rainy season you will have a spectacular landscape before your eyes.

Boa Vista is the third largest island of the archipelago. It is ideal both for adventurers and those who adore tranquility. This desert island is famous for its white sand dunes and boasts stunning, unspoiled beaches with crystal waters such as Praia de Santa Mónica and Praia Chave.   The northeastern zone of the island is undoubtedly a must see due to its beauty and the fact that it is home to shipwrecked boats run aground on its beaches, such as the Spanish vessel “Cabo Santa María”.  Boa Vista is also very well known due to the large quantity of turtles that head there to lay their eggs in the month of June, If you have the chance to visit the island at this time of year you must not miss this spectacle of nature.


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