On August 30, the Basketball World Cup, this year held in Spain for the second time (the Spanish having hosted in 1986), gets underway. The teams from the United States, Argentina, the Philippines, Serbia, France and Spain, among many others, will go head to head for the trophy.

If you are not going to be able to attend the matches, we propose enjoying this prestigious tournament from home, preparing a delicious and refreshing Spanish sangria. This is how you make it!


-        1 liter of red wine

-        2 fresh peaches

-        1 apple

-        1 pear

-        Half a fresh pineapple

-        2 lemons

-        1 orange

-        1 cup of brandy

-        4 dessert spoons of sugar

-        Nutmeg

-        1/2 liter of fizzy water or club soda


Take a large container and pour in the red wine; then take the juice from one of the lemons and mix it with the wine. Add an orange and a lemon sliced into wedges; dice all the fruit and add it to the container with the wine. Dissolve the sugar in warm water so that is melts a little and add it to the wine. Finally, add the brandy and the nutmeg and stir everything well. Leave to rest for 2 to 3 hours to awaken the flavor of the fruit. To serve, finish off each glass of sangria with some ice cubes and a little fizzy water or club soda.

Don’t forget to make the tournament a bit more interesting with a predictions league among your friends. In it, you don’t just have to guess which team will win each match but also by how many points. Another way of doing it is to say how many quarters each team is going to win (for example, three quarters for Spain and one for the United States).

Wait and see, with your predictions league, your sangria and your friends, your basketball nights will be unforgettable.