The archipelago of the Kerkennah Islands is a paradise for rest and relaxation. Essentially made up of the islands of Chergui and Gharbi, and facing the coast of Sfax, they stand just three meters above sea level. With a population of just 15,000 and having been recently declared a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance, particularly as a Habitat for Aquatic Birds, they are a perfect destination for lovers of the sea, diving and fishing.

Their unpaved streets and incredible outlines, only visible thanks to the silhouette of their tall palm trees, maintain the tranquil flavor of the Mediterranean philosophy. Almost unspoiled, their residents partake in a curious activity: marine agriculture. This activity consists of fishing for fish and shellfish in areas of the sea, which are sold to fishermen. To mark out the different areas, the owners cut the trunks of the palm trees, which are not very fertile in terms of producing dates, to give them the shape of stakes and stick them into the coast in its shallow waters. In these areas, the main products are mullet and octopus, which are later served as part of an incredibly unique gastronomy.

So traveling to Tunisia doesn’t have to be all desert and beach. The wealth of the Mediterranean waters, always crystal clear and calm, increases greatly with the use that the residents of these islands make of them. A place in which, furthermore, travelers will enjoy perfect days of relaxation far-removed from mass tourism and in constant connection with the traditions and silence provided by islands which have undergone an evolution similar to that of many destinations.


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