Shoes, clothes, ornaments, wallets, accessories or sunglasses. All of these objects are found in the same place: the antiques fair in Rua de Lavradio, in the district of Lapa in Rio de Janeiro. But an antiques fair cannot be an antiques fair without the objects that give it its name. Hence why all of these other items are simply added-extras, in addition to the origin of the fair: old furniture and other objects of all kinds. On the first Saturday of each month, hundreds of antiques stores exhibit their objects in the street so that the more than 20,000 visitors who pass through it can find everything their hearts could desire.

Old cameras, clocks of all kinds, Baroque-framed mirrors, fine china and silver-plated games fill the sidewalks and the road to make this street one of the most charming spots in the city. A street full of historic homes that are relatively well preserved, and which was opened by the Marquis of Lavradio in 1771, when his residence was being built there, a building which still stands there today. A street which experienced its peak period at the end of the 19th century when there were as many as 6 active theaters located there. A street which fell into decline in the 20th century and which began its recovery with the revitalization of the Lapa district to a point when it once again became what it always was: the most elegant street in the district.

But this antiques fair is not only a place to buy old objects and all kinds of handcrafted products, but also a meeting place in which to spend a whole day. From 10 am through 6 pm, the street is a hive of activity. The restaurants on the street offer special menus and, in the afternoon, open-air concerts are organized. Thus, what appears to be a flea market becomes a place where onlookers, tourists and buyers come and go, where people meet and greet, where animated conversations swing back and forth and groups of people gather to eat, and, of course, a place full of rhythm and dance on every corner. The history and life of Rio de Janeiro on one street.


Don’t miss: One of the most highly-recommended restaurants in the city is located on this very street, the Rio Scenarium, a place with live music, simple Rio cuisine and which ticks all the boxes in terms of service and price.


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