shutterstock_201918280 A light snack in the middle of the afternoon is essential for kids and adults alike because it provides us all with enough energy to perform our extra activities.

Today we propose a very family-oriented plan, a traditional afternoon snack with your kids which will enable you to recharge your batteries and have an afternoon full of fun and games, in which cakes, sweets and video games will be forbidden.

Prepare sandwiches and baguettes filled with cold cuts, and to drink create this crazy shake, a recipe which originated in Mexico and is very easy to make but also very tasty, with a high energy value. Ask your kids to help you, the preparation will become part of the fun!


- 3 cups of strawberry yogurt

- 1/4 cup of strawberry jam

- 1/2 cup of La Lechera condensed milk

- 500 g of biscuits

- Ice (to taste)


 Mix the yogurt, the jam and the milk.
 Crush the biscuits and the ice separately. 
Mix all the ingredients and liquidize. Place in the fridge to cool for 30 minutes and serve in glasses.

 Once you feel revitalized you can begin to use your new-found energy. Switch off the television, hide the consoles and play with your kids. A water fight, a game of skully, hide and seek or hopscotch… Timeless games which allow you to have fun with your kids and help them to grow up happy and healthy!