The beaches on the island of Crete literally leave you with your mouth wide open. In Crete, those who love the sea have one of their greatest sanctuaries. With crystal-clear, calm waters and white or rosy sand, Crete’s beaches will not disappoint! Each and every one of them has its own charm, but we will try and create a little guide of the most beautiful ones to make it easier for you:

Balos Beach: Situated in the extreme north of the Gramvousá peninsula and part of a unique natural setting, Balos shines with its beauty and its clear waters which oscillate between blue, turquoise and dark blue. Balos is perfect for a day trip, there are no tourist facilities nearby and it can be reached via 11 kilometers of gravel roads from Kalyviani plus 20 minutes walking or by boat from Kissamos, so it is worth spending the day there!

Elafonisi: In Elafonisi, one of the most beautiful coastal locations in Crete, the landscape features beaches, dunes and a blue sea which forms natural pools with knee-deep waters on some stretches. It is located in the extreme south-west of Crete.

Preveli is a little slice of paradise, a relatively small place which amazes with its diversity. It has a beach, crystal waters, caves and the estuary of a river lost amidst a genuine palm forest. You can reach Preveli by boat. It is a must see!

Vai is one of the Cretians’ best-kept secret paradises. The beach of Vai is a large sandy beach at the end of a valley, surrounded by the largest palm forest on the island and boasting services for comfort. Even so, it is a tranquil beach, hardly affected by mass tourism, on which to relax as a family or a couple.

Crete also has areas for nudists. Red Beach in the village of Matala is considered one of the best nudist coasts in the world, a place where the clarity of the water contrasts with the red-rock cliffs.

Falassarna is almost a 100% natural beach and, in addition to boasting magnificent features (crystal waters and clear yellow sand), just like the previous ones, it is one of the greatest destinations for relaxation. If you want culture, do not miss the ruins of the old port city.

Bali beach owes its name to the town in which it is located, a jewel of the Greek essence which breathes throughout Crete: crystal-clear blue waters, a pleasant temperature and calm sea. Bali beach also boasts a charming fishing port and offers wonderful views of Crete’s northern coast.

Crete is undoubtedly the perfect option for your vacations in the sun.


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