The Canary Islands have a broad range of attractive features. Their beaches, their climate, their landscapes, their volcanoes, their nature, their gastronomy, their leisure options… It’s simple – everyone can create unforgettable and tailor-made vacations for themselves in the Canary Islands because the variety provided caters for all tastes and preferences.

But there is one thing that everyone will enjoy – an unforgettable trip which you must not miss out on if you travel to any of the fortunate isles, going out on a boat in search of whales. Whales love the waters that surround the Canary Islands and it is rare to take to the waves and not encounter any! The majority of hotels will be able to set up this exceptional excursion or you can head directly to the various companies devoted specifically to this kind of trip.

On the south west coast of Tenerife there are huge colonies of cetaceans and dolphins which live there all year round. They stay very close to the coast and you can reach the colonies in just 30/40 minutes by boat and feel the emotion of being a stone’s throw from more than 21 different species in the wild; from the gigantic blue whale to the infamous orca! The short-finned pilot whales and the bottlenose dolphins have settled on these coasts for the food, which is abundantly available, the calm waters, which are protected from the battering trade winds by the orography of the islands, the pleasant climate and the quality of the clear waters. Cetaceans, just like humans, need to breathe air from the atmosphere into their lungs, so they need to exit the water regularly. At these moments, you get to see them on the surface!

It is an opportunity you can’t let pass you by, because there are few places in the world that offer this wide variety of creatures so close to the coast. The half a million people who visit the islands every year can’t all be wrong! Get your cameras ready because you’re going to want to take photo after photo!

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