Cape Verde is a paradise waiting to be discovered. Of volcanic origin and caressed by trade winds, its coasts remain unspoiled and its beaches immaculate. The island of Boa Vista, perhaps the most beautiful of them all, is a genuine haven of peace in which you can encounter an experience in pure harmony with nature, contemplating large cetaceans, watching first hand as the great sea turtles lay their eggs or simply cooling off in the most crystal-clear waters on the planet.

But Cape Verde also possesses its own culture and traditions which are well worth looking at. If you travel to this wonderful country, do not hesitate to listen to and try to understand Funaná as well as watching its dances.

Funaná, a genre of music and dance native to Cape Verde, appeared when, in an attempt at acculturation, the Portuguese introduced the accordion in the island of Santiago at the beginning of the 20th century so that the locals could learn Portuguese genres of music. However, the result was completely different, as it created a new genre. This traditional dance joins forces with the most sensual characteristics of the rhythms from the other side of the ocean, Brazil, and the beauty of its movements need envy the South-American country for nothing. The Cape Verde islands, facing the coasts of Senegal, are the authentic African Brazil, and Funaná is further proof of this.


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