Some say that “May holds the key to the year” because in many places it is of paramount importance to the harvest, although metaphorically this saying also alludes to the fact that it is a month that determines how the rest of the year will go on a personal level.

 In the northern hemisphere, the good weather traditionally arrives and the spring is in its full state of splendor; in the south, it is the middle of fall, but the people are still enjoying the last rays of sun before the cold winter sets in. Be that as it may, it is a good time to prepare a meal to eat on the terrace as you welcome this month and thus create a 2014 full of success and joy.

 Make a cozy date with the people who matter to you most, be they friends or family, and prepare a simple but tasty meal. We propose a rice with tuna dish, typical of Cape Verde and cheap to prepare, which will transport you to a world of natural, primary flavors. Here is how you make it:


 - 300 g rice

- 1/2 kg fresh tuna

- 4 dessert spoons of olive oil

- 2 green peppers

- 2 red peppers

- 1 onion

- 2 tomatoes

- 1/2 L stock made with tuna (or fish) head and skin

- Salt

- Pepper


 Cover the bottom of a pan with oil and sauté the onion. When it becomes transparent, add the chopped peppers, the tomatoes, and the salt and pepper.

 After a few minutes, add the tuna, previously cleaned and cut into pieces, and add the stock made from boiling its head and skin. Finally, scatter in the rice evenly in the pan, stir everything a little and leave to cook until the all of the stock has been absorbed but without it becoming dry.

 Accompany the meal with smooth white wines. Have some interesting topics ready as you chat at the table after the meal: what intentions did your nearest and dearest set for this year? are they on their way to achieving them or not? why? If you are still far from achieving your plans, May is a month which leaves you time to react and affords you the opportunity to focus your efforts.

 With this meal native to Africa and all its good intentions, you will see that it is effectively true: “May holds the key to the year”. Do not miss this opportunity!