If you want to enjoy a real Easter, you cannot pass up the chance to eat some good French toast, the origins of which go back as far as the 15th century. Its association with Lent is due to the need to use up the left over bread, which, since it is a period during which Catholics cannot eat meat, was less consumed.

 There are as many variations of French toast as there are of Easter. Although traditional French toast is made with bread, milk, cinnamon, sugar and egg, you can also find them made with wine, honey, vegetarian French toast that substitutes cow’s milk for soy milk and eggs for flour… What is more, in each country it is prepared in a different way, and have different names: “Pain perdu” in France, “Arme Ritter” (poor knights) in Germany, “Pavesen” in Austria, “Fotzelschnitten” in Switzerland, “bundás kenyér” in Hungary, “Rebanadas” in Portugal, “French Toast” in the UK, “Tostadas francesas” in Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru, “torrejas” in Guatemala, Argentina, Uruguay, Honduras and El Salvador.

 Here we will show you how to prepare some original Caramelized French Toast with meringued milk foam. 


 - 1 baguette
 (hard, from the previous day)

- 1 L whole milk

- 1 cinnamon stick

- Skin of 1 lemon

- 100 g sugar

- 2 eggs

- Sunflower oil

- Ground cinnamon

- Sugar


Start preparing the emulsified milk. Put the milk in a pot and add the cinnamon and lemon skin (if possible without the white part, so make a superficial, fine cut). Once the milk has come to the boil, take it off and add the sugar, stir well without scratching the bottom in case the milk has stuck a little. Leave to cool and then remove the cinnamon and the lemon. Next, cut the bread into 2-2.5 cm slices. The bread needs to be hard so that it does not break when soaked in milk. Soak the slices with part of the milk for a few minutes on either side. Put plenty of oil on the heat. Coat the torrijas in beaten egg and fry until they are golden on both sides. Remove and place on kitchen roll to absorb the oil Mix sugar and ground cinnamon on a plate (two tablespoons of cinnamon for 100 g of sugar) and coat the torrijas. Finally, place them on a dish and accompany with the rest of the emulsified milk. Best served cold.

 To drink: Port or muscatel.


French toast is a food with humble origins that soon satiates diners, so share this tasty dish with your friends and family instead of eating it alone. Tell each other about your Easters when you were little or when you went abroad on vacation and you will find out that there are as many variations of Easter as there are of French toast and people.