It is somewhat out of the ordinary that a country attracts attention due to its statuesque bodies. But it is possible that immigration has brought with it a mixture of races that has engendered a high level of beauty in one part of the planet or another (a beauty which, on the other hand, will always be subjective). But why the body? The body is something that is worked on, looked after, thoroughly pampered to achieve the perfect physique. And this is not a question of genetics, this is what happens in Brazil. You will rarely leave the country without having commented on the statuesque bodies you have seen on all of the beaches you have visited, be they in small towns or the capital.

And it is because life in Brazil, a country described by its own people as “very chauvinistic” is unavoidably focused on body worshiping. Body worshiping which, for purely esthetic as well as other reasons, has become deeply rooted in daily life. For example, women can progress considerably in professional life if they have a spectacular figure, leaving behind those who are less attractive. And, consequently, men who want to vie to have them on their arm must do so with something more than a smile and a few smooth words.

But on the beaches, the eyes of the visitor get lost, fixated on stomachs, hips and figures, and convinced that it is as close to a parade of swimwear, bikini or tanga models that they will ever see. And it is not just about achieving the desired skin tone, it is much more. In the vast majority of cases, the amount of time that a significant percentage of Rio locals dedicate to their body is directly proportional to their physique. Gym, yoga, football, volleyball or any other sport help to keep them in shape. And that is just the bare minimum. Because the problem lies in the cases when this worshiping turns into obsession. Brazil is not one of the largest consumers of slimming pills in the world for nothing. And nor is plastic surgery the order of the day for no reason. Because you cannot cheat time and your body, no matter how well you treat it, will always end up showing your age. And in Brazil the majority prefer to disguise it than confirm it with no cover-ups.

Yet still, vanity and the desire to achieve the body of your dreams, which, at times, implies that of the opposite sex, becomes something more than a good state of physical fitness. Something which, as you would expect, visitors welcome greatly.


Do not miss: Ipanema beach in the center of Rio is one of the largest exhibitions of bodies in the world. Both women and men will enjoy the pleasure of feeding their imagination far beyond the usual.


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