On Carnival night everything counts, and that is why the tradition of dressing up and putting on masks to experience the party with freedom, imagination and fantasy remains strong to this day.


While carnivals are associated with countries of Catholic tradition (the party takes place just as Lent begins), its origin is pagan, and comes from the parties held for the gods Apis in Egypt and Baco in Rome.


In every location, different carnivals have their own special features and traditions, but in general there are some mainstays which feature in all locations: masks, dancing, music, street parties, passionate celebration, food and drink in abundance… Furthermore, the distinctiveness of these parities lies in the fact that carnivals are the most genuine form of popular festivities, a party which celebrates freedom, the renewal of man and nature, and on which no regulations are imposed. Carnivals used to oppose the official celebratory demonstrations, which were organized by the hierarchy, immutable and serious. Thus, in the face of the official, highbrow culture, there was another culture in which laughter and transgression dominated.


That is why, if you want to experience some unforgettable carnivals, regardless of where you do it (in Rio de Janeiro, where the biggest celebrations in the world are held; in Valencia, with its unique and elegant masque; in Santa Cruz de Tenerife or Cádiz…), what is important is that you experience the real celebration in an authentic way, that you let yourself go, forget about rules and let your fantasy and instinct guide you. It is the time to dress up as something completely different and striking, not something that identifies you, but something that helps your most hidden desires to come to the surface. Do not approach it with any prejudices and interact with the other revelers in a fun and spontaneous manner. Just for one day, forget about diets and eat and drink whatever takes your fancy. Escape not just your circumstances but also the regulations that we automatically place on ourselves, as well as caution and reason.


If you want to experience some unforgettable carnivals, leave your camera to one side and get involved in the party. Don’t just be a spectator… let your hair down! In so doing, you will connect with the true sense of this party, and with the authentic tradition whose origin is in the roots of western culture.