At the request of the United Nations, World Water Day is held every year on March 22. And what better way to celebrate this day than by remembering all of the advantages that water can give us.

 First, water has healing properties. Water therapy has been used as a treatment for centuries, and its powers were already recognized in Ancient Rome, Greece, China and Japan. The therapy consists of treating illnesses with the frequent use of water, both internally and externally. Water possesses minerals and electrolytes which give it medicinal mineral properties which in turn have a positive effect on our body, whether we drink it or wash ourselves with it in the bath or shower. The use of water can be applied to respiratory and dermatological conditions, musculoskeletal system problems or simply to treat stress and relax both body and mind. It has also been checked that treatment using sea water (thalassotherapy) is effective against degenerative bone diseases, post-traumatic rehabilitation and vascular diseases. 

 Water also boasts a series of beneficial physical effects depending on its application, pressure, temperature etc. Contrasts in temperature, for example, produce a myorelaxant and anti-inflammatory effect, while jacuzzis stimulate circulation, relax muscles, open pores – boosting the elimination of toxins – and alleviate any bone or muscular disease…

 On the other hand, drinking water brings many benefits: it helps us to lose weight, as it suppresses appetite and accelerates metabolism, it benefits the kidneys, as it allows them to dilute the stones formed in our body by salts and which are discharged by passing urine; the skin, as it hydrates it and increases its elasticity; the stomach, helping bowel movement; energy levels, as water helps the blood to transport oxygen, and our oxygen levels rise if our body is hydrated.

 Water is essential to our lives and sometimes we are not aware of its importance. Celebrate its day by heading to a hot spring, to a spa, taking a nice hot bath or simply drinking a good glass of water. You deserve it!