This title seems like a platitude, but it is true. Marrakesh is situated too close to Europe not to be affected by it, but at the same time this city of pink light is brimming with tradition at every corner.

The Jamaa el Fna Square is the heart of the city, the most important center and Heritage of Humanity; despite being very tourist-oriented, it is unmissable. Full of hustlers, food stalls, restaurants, snake charmers and stores that sell just about anything, it has a charm which will capture you, and you will end up there several times a day! Do not forget to head to the square at night, when it becomes a genuine medieval circus with its music, fortune tellers, monkeys and food stalls.

The Souk is another essential location in Marrakesh. Full of picturesque stalls which will take you back to bygone centuries, you can practice your bartering technique, and we warn you that you will get lost amidst the chaotic configuration of its passageways, but this is part of the charm!

The Ben Youssef Madrasa is a must-see; built over 450 years ago, this Koranic school (the largest in the world) has a beautiful and immense courtyard which takes you to another era and another world. If you can, do not miss a visit to its bare cells.

The Koutoubia Mosque, which dates back to the 12th century, is one of the largest in the world and is so distinctive that its minaret inspired the creators of the Seville cathedral tower. It is the symbol of ancient Marrakesh, and you must bear in mind that entry is prohibited to non-Muslims.

One of the most beautiful sites in the city is the Menara gardens, located on an old Almohad pond and surrounded by thousands and thousands of olive trees which give it a unique charm. They say that it was the venue for the amorous encounters of the city’s sultans, and in truth, this does not surprise us in the slightest!

If you are looking for luxury, make sure you visit palm grove. With more than 100,000 palm trees and 13,000 hectares of spectacular beauty, we recommend that you explore it in a horse-drawn carriage to enable you to enjoy it without ending up panting heavily. The Majorelle Garden is also stunning, with more than 400 types of palm tree and 1,800 cacti. A genuine oasis of peace in the middle of the city. The ruins of the Badi Palace and the Saadian tombs are also must-see sites during your tour of the city.

We strongly encourage you to go and watch the sun set in Jamaa el Fna Square from the “heights” of one of the restaurant and café terraces which surround it.

And if you want to recharge your batteries, sampling authentic Moroccan food and getting out of the tourist hustle and bustle, we recommend Oscar Progres Restaurant, next to Fna Square, which has an excellent quality-price-service ratio.


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