Are you ready for the day of love? Today is Valentine’s Day! So prepare something special and surprise your partner.

 If you can’t think of anything, perhaps you will draw some inspiration from the plan that we propose. Prepare a special dinner for two, and to finish, if you like chocolate, a chocolate fondue with fresh fruit is a recipe which fits perfectly with your romantic evening.


 -         A bar of couverture chocolate

-         Apples

-         Strawberries

-         Bananas

-         Pineapple

-         Kiwi


 Peel and cut all the fruit into small pieces, then take some skewer-type sticks and put the pieces on them, varying the types of fruit. Place the skewers on a large dish to set on the table. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in the fondue and once it is completely melted, put it in the container. Now all that’s left is to pick up the skewers and smother them in chocolate!

 There is no easier way to do something different, but don’t forget to decorate the table in an elegant style, lighting a few candles and buying that little detail that always makes the difference.

 Sweeten this very special night!