Nestled in the imposing Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range and bathed in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Riviera Nayarit is taking shape as one of the most attractive destinations in Mexico. The area spans around 300 kilometers throughout the coast, preceded by mountainous rainforest and facing coastal islands. For those who want to experience the more rural and rustic side of Mexico, the Riviera boasts vast open spaces.

The town of San Blas is located in the northern region and houses great biodiversity as well as archaeological remains. You can explore the La Tovara mangrove swamps, go on an excursion to Isla Isabel island, go birdwatching in Singayta, surf on Matanchén Bay, visit the ruins of San Basilio fortress, experience Isla de Mexcaltitlán island and visit Los Toriles archaeological zone.

Furthermore, the offer of cuisine in the Riviera is highly varied: in hotels and restaurants, excellent dishes prepared with fresh seafood are served, always with a pre-Hispanic touch. On the beaches and in the towns it is possible to sample delicacies such as prawn meatballs, the traditional pescado zarandeado (grilled fish), aguachile (prawn dish with chili pepper broth), tlaxtihuille (corn, powdered prawn and chili pepper), fish chicharrón(rind), prawn tamales, marlin tacos and many more delights.

The Huichol people are the most famous ethnic group of the region and can be distinguished by their striking clothing and hats decorated with feathers, as well as their colored and elaborate craftsmanship, among which masks, animal figures made with beads, paintings, bags and jewelry all feature prominently.

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