You can always spend an enjoyable day in the mountains, with many activities on offer, but even more so now in winter with everything covered in snow.

 You can choose between extreme sports, sports for the more faint-hearted or simply enjoying the snow in a relaxed style with your family or friends. Allow us to propose some plans for activities that you can do, among the endless options available in the winter snow.

 Skiing and snowboarding are the sports par excellence that you can practice in the snow, but it’s not as easy as it seems, so if you have never had a go before, you can always head to your nearest ski slope and take some lessons. Have patience because the first step is always falling!

For those who are already au fait with this sport, you can always take a short trip and enjoy your favorite activity.

 For those who want to do something different, snowmobiles and dog sledding are very enticing options. Remember this experience because it doesn’t come around too often!

 If you want a more peaceful day, hire some snowshoes and take a walk through the forest, with your feet sinking in the snow, it’s something you cannot leave without doing.

 Sled and rubber ring races are a good option for creating competitions between friends. Do you dare to launch yourself at top speed?

 And of course, you cannot leave without making your own snowman, decorate it in an original way and leave your memory of this day. Wrap up warm to beat the cold and enjoy a fun day in the snow!