Have you already got your costume ready? No? Well now is the time! There is little more to do before you can celebrate what is probably the biggest, most meaningful, fun and safe Carnival festival in Europe, the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival.

Carnival is Tenerife’s number one FIESTA. Thousands of people in costumes; magnificent floats; music; dancing: and above all plenty of fun to be had. And all of this takes place in the street, so that it is accessible to everyone; visitors and locals mix in this explosion of music, fiesta and joy! An enviable spring temperature encourages hundreds of thousands of tourists to visit the island and participate in this healthy and lively fiesta together with the locals, who have Carnival in their blood.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife becomes a city literally taken over by the people. For days, its streets are filled with hundreds of thousands of people dancing to the sound of renowned international orchestras and artists, in particular the best performers of Latin music, following in the wake of the unforgettable Celia Cruz in earning the Guinness World Record at the 1987 Carnival, with a crowd of two hundred and fifty thousand people dancing to the same song in the open air, in the Plaza de España, the main site in which to celebrate Carnival in Santa Cruz.

The Plaza de España in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is decorated and several kiosks and churros stands are placed in, with the festive area enlivened with music. After the Carnival queen and her court, as well as the children’s queen, are elected, it is time for the first parade and from them on, the party and fun do not stop!

The following week is full of competitions for street musicians, comparsas (Carnival groups) and costumes, and there is also a vintage car parade. The great culmination takes place on Carnival Tuesday with the “coso” (parade that begins in mid-afternoon). The Burial of the Sardine in Santa Cruz de Tenerife consists of holding a parade in which a giant sardine is carried on a throne. Thousands of widows dressed entirely in black, thousands of disconsolate widowers due to the annual death of Carnival, priests, nuns, bishops, cardinals and even “popes” crawl along the floors in floods of tears as they bid farewell to a concept of freedom which has reigned in the tolerant city that is Santa Cruz during its period of Carnival.

The Carnival events in 2014, which will be dedicated to cartoons by popular demand, will begin on Friday February 28 with the celebration of the opening Parade, and will last until March 9, Piñata Sunday.

If you want to experience Carnival to the full, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the place for you!


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