Fear of flying is a problem that affects more people than you might think. And it is a shame, particularly for those whom this fear prevents from flying to distant places they have always dreamed of visiting. But there is a solution and some advice that, although not a cure-all, could make it easier for some people to get past this difficulty. Here is some practical advice which we hope will at least help someone be able to make their dream trip in a calmer state:

· Have your luggage ready at least 24 hours before the trip. Ensure that the day before the flight you are free of responsibilities and only do things you want to.

· Start the day of the flight with a relaxing warm bath. Arrive at the airport in as relaxed a state as possible.

· Three hours before flying, eat carbohydrates and during the flight eat sweets… this combination stimulates sleepiness and calms anxiety.

· Eat little during the flight and only have one alcoholic drink.

· Drinking a whole glass of water every hour dilutes the adrenaline circulating in your blood.

· Bring all possible distractions; entertaining books, magazines with lots of photos, crosswords, sudoku puzzles, etc.

· If there is turbulence, do not panic; it is normal and turbulence is all it is – it does not pose any danger. It helps to place a coat, pillow or blanket on your stomach and tighten your seatbelt to reduce the unpleasant sensation in your stomach caused by the gravitational movements.

· Try to secure the most comfortable seat, at the emergency exits. And it is always calmer in terms of noise and the sensation of motion if you sit towards the front of the plane.

· If any noise or maneuver seems strange, do note be shy, ask a flight attendant. There is an explanation for everything.

· Do relaxation exercises.

· In almost all on-board first-aid kits, there are tranquilizers for use in serious cases and it helps to think that there is always a doctor among the passengers!


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