Jamaican cuisine is a mixture of African and English cooking, and even has Chinese influences. These cultures which have left their mark as they have passed through the country.  The majority of the dishes have an intense flavor due to the large quantity of condiments which are used to marinate them, although the most common ingredients used are as simple as cassava, corn, guava, meat, fish and vegetables, but all cooked in a very special way.

One of the most famous is Jamaican Patty, a pie containing various fillings and spices. The crust of the pie is usually a blend of golden colors due to the use of a mixture of egg yolk and turmeric. Ackee is known worldwide as the country’s national dish. Made from sautéed cod and usually eaten at breakfast with fruit bread, hard dough bread or green plantain.

Pork with Jamaica pepper, papaya chutney – pieces of papaya, mango and ginger in a juice made of tamarind, vinegar and chili. Also prominent is rabbit in rum and Jamaican tortilla (made with eggs, spinach, carrot, celery, potatoes and tomatoes). It is the variety of spices such as ginger and curry which most characterizes Jamaican cuisine. “Jamaica pepper” is known for its relatively spicy flavor and potent aroma. You must not forget to try the curries either, particularly the curried goat, which they cook extremely well, the rice with beans or the roasted yellow yam.

In Jamaica, all these culinary delicacies are accompanied by intense-flavored drinks such as Jamaican rum or coffee liqueur.  Although of course the natural tropical juices are also famous.

You cannot leave Jamaica without trying its traditional dishes.


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