The autumn colors of the countryside, temperatures which are neither cold nor hot, and the desire to take another breather after getting back into your routine after the summer make a rural weekend escape the perfect plan.

 Look for a lost, appealing corner where the autumn colors invite you to enjoy the landscape, and a pretty, rural house where you can spend the rainy days.

With friends or your partner, this plan suits anyone who wants to enjoy the countryside, disconnect and relax, while the most active amongst you can also enjoy many adventure sports.

 You can decide between the mountains and hidden coastal towns. You choose the climate and the things to do.  Rural tourism is perfect for this time of year, when experiencing landscapes and the culture of towns, and discovering all the corners of an area will make your trip amazing.

 Enotourism or wine tourism is another rural activity which you can take part in this autumn. A rural house near vineyards with wine tours and tasting can give your break a different focus.

 This countryside escape can give you the energy you need to return to the monotony of the city with your batteries recharged. What are you waiting for?

Enjoy the autumn in the countryside and escape from the city for a few days!