Peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, bread, water and garlic. This is all you need for a traditional gazpacho – but a little originality in creating new recipes has led to endless varieties of this soup!

Melon and ham gazpacho, white gazpacho with asparagus, strawberry, watermelon, lettuce, egg, cherries, almonds and mint – these are just some of the options available!

Below is a recipe for one of these special gazpachos so that you can organise a delicious and varied tasting session.

Strawberry gazpacho is great as a fruity starter for your meal.


-         250g strawberries

-         300g ripe tomatoes

-         ¼ onion

-         ¼ red pepper

-         Extra virgin olive oil

-         Vinegar

-         Salt


To prepare this gazpacho for 4 people, start by washing the strawberries and removing the stalks. Peel the tomatoes and peppers, slice them and place them in a food processor.  When nicely blended, add a dash of oil, salt and vinegar, and blend again to mix everything together.

Finally add water, adjusting the amount according to whether you like your soup thick or more watery.

Place it in the fridge and serve well-chilled.


Another option is melon and ham gazpacho.


-         700g melon cut into pieces

-         200ml cream

-         1 chicken stock cube

-         1.5g Serrano ham

-         1.5g olive oil

-         Salt

To make the melon cream, peel and chop 700g of melon and place in a bowl.  Put aside 100g to make small melon cubes to garnish later on.

Next, blend the melon in a food processor until it looks thin and smooth, then add the cream, olive oil and chicken stock cube.  Blend again so that the stock cube dissolves and is evenly mixed with the cream, then add black pepper to taste.

Finally, serve in bowls or deep plates and garnish with the melon cubes and some shavings of Iberian ham.

Try out different ways to make gazpacho – a great way to sweeten up the summer. Choose your favourite flavours for the tasting session!