- Cooked red beans, along with the broth they were cooked in.

- Rice

- 1 laurel leaf

- Half an onion, chopped

- 1 pepper, finely chopped

- 2 garlic cloves, crushed

- Black pepper

- Ground oregano

- Cumin

- Salt

- 2 pork chops

- 2 bacon rashers (optional)


Cook the beans, putting the broth to one side.

Fry the onion, pepper and garlic together.

Add the broth to the fried vegetables in a large pot with a well-fitting lid.

Next, add the laurel leaf, one or two generous tablespoons of drained beans,

the chopped meat, and season with salt

(1/2 a tablespoon for every 2 cups of soup and rice). Once

it starts to boil, add the rice (it should be

rinsed beforehand), cover the pot and reduce the heat to a minimum. It is

extremely important not to take the lid off during the first 20 minutes.

Stir the mixture with a fork to make sure

the beans are soft and ready to eat. If not, leave

the pot half covered for a few more minutes. Some people

fry the bacon and pour the fat back in the mixture, while others

put it back in a dish with the raw bacon on top

and then cook it together au gratin.