When you land on Salt Island, appearances may be deceptive: flat, dry, barren, beige… But don’t be discouraged! At the end of the road to the airport you will find one of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen! Salt beach is a paradise for those who love to lounge in the sun, as well as for fans of water sports, who will be able to enjoy sports, the beach, and the sea in many different ways.

Like the rest of the Cabo Verde islands, Salt Island was uninhabited when the Portuguese discovered it in 1460.  The sole significant event in later centuries was the introduction of goats onto the island in the 16th century – their contribution to the current barrenness of Salt Island is a question that is still in the air!

The Boa Vista local Manuel Antonio Martins started to export salt from the island on a large scale in the earl 19th century, giving rise to a population boom.  This industry underwent various ups and downs before it finally disappeared in the mid-19th century.  Salt flats and rusty transport machinery associated with this industry can still be see near Pedro de Lume.

Pedro de Lume is the main tourist attraction on Salt Island (together with the beach).
This lonely place amazes visitors when they first approach the buildings: a lonely church, empty land, the remains of a later 19th century-early 20th century wooden structure that is slowly crumbling, and machines which might well be part of the décor in a Sergio Leone movie.  A dust road leads directly to a tunnel in a crater wall.  Seawater leaks into the crater, creating natural salt flats.
Originally salt sacks would be carried by donkeys and mules from the salt flats until the tunnel was dug in 1804.  The cable system was built in 1919, giving rise to considerable production.
In these salt flats you can walk between salt mountains, float as if in the Dead Sea, cover yourself in healing mud, and even experience a vigorous peel by expert masseurs rubbing coarse salt all over your body.  Quite an experience!


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