Sorbets, iced drinks, indeed anything that refreshes us on those balmy summer evenings are an excellent idea – and even better when they’re natural and healthy.

Fruit slush is very popular and easy to make. Strawberry, melon, watermelon, orange, lemon… any flavor tastes great with this drink that doubles as a light dessert perfect for the middle of the afternoon or the evening.

Strawberry slush is a very versatile refreshment that can be served at informal family gatherings or with friends.

You will need:

600g of strawberries

  • 100 g of sugar
  • 1 lemon

Put the sugar in a saucepan with 100ml of mineral water and bring to the boil. Leave it to boil for 2 or 3 minutes and then remove from the heat. Let it cool.

Wash the strawberries, remove the stalks and leaves and cut them into pieces.

Put the fruit in a blender, add strained lemon juice and the sugar water. Blend.

Pour the mixture into a large metal container and put it in the freezer.  Remove every 20 minutes, breaking the ice with a fork.

For the finishing touch, top with edible flowers.

Anther variety of fruit slush is made with watermelon.  You just need a watermelon, lemon juice, two tablespoons of sugar and two trays of ice cubes.

Cut the watermelon into small pieces, add the lemon juice and sugar, and mix in a blender along with the ice cubes.  Put the fruit mix in the freezer and stir every 15 minutes so that it does not solidify too much.  Serve in small glasses and enjoy your natural, fruity slush drink!

You can make fruit slush with an endless variety of fruits. What’s your favorite flavor?