Chiringuitos, as they are called, are small bars or stands that can be seen the length of the Spanish coast, usually on the beachfront.  There are different types, some selling cold beverages and others that are much more elaborate and may serve meals.   Some of the most typical treats on offer are paella and sardines, although the variety depends on the place.  Of course, cold beer and soft drinks are the most popular purchases at these beach bars.

But the chiringuito in Spain has become more sophisticated over the years and many have taken on cult status for visitors, whether for their perfect beachfront location, their chillout music, their exquisite cuisine, their abundance of rich and famous customers, or even for their luxury hammocks and Balinese beds where you can lie back and watch a spectacular sunset.

Andalusia, eastern Spain and the Balearic Isles, especially Ibiza, boast what are probably the coolest chiringuitos in Spain.  Some of them are open all night, hosting parties until dawn.  In Ibiza, famous DJs are even invited to play at chiringuitos, for huge parties that can last 24 hours!

Due to certain rules and regulations that are in the pipeline, the future of the chiringuito is in peril. One day they may not be allowed on the beachfront.  This would be a real shame, as there is nothing like sitting back in your swimsuit, barefoot, with an ice-cold beer, in the shade of a chiringuito beside the sea.

So now you know, if you want to experience an authentic chiringuito and some tasty seafood on the seashore, don’t delay visiting the Spanish coast!


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